Lahore at Glance

Lahore is the capital of Punjab. It is also called 'The Heart of Pakistan'. It is situated on the banks of the River Ravi. It is a city of gardens.

Brief History

Ptolemy's "Geographia", written about 150 AD, refers to it as "Labokla" and locates it with reference to the Indus, the Ravi, the Jhelum and the Chenab rivers. Another place revealed that it was founded by Loh the son of Rama Chandra.


However the accorded history of Lahore dates back to 850 AD., conquered by Mahmood Gaznavi in 1021 AD, it was made the capital of the Ghaznavid east of Indus and later capital of entire Ghaznavid Empire by Masud, son of Mahmood.

It was then that Lahore became the center of social, cultural and educational activities reaching the pinnacle of its glory under the Mughals who gave it its famous architecture including the magnificent fort, gardens, tombs, mosques and pavilions. Some of the old names of Lahore can be observed as:

  • Laha-noor
  • Loh-pur
  • Mahmood-pur
  • Samandpal Nagiri
  • Lohar-pur

Area and Population

Area and Population Population: 8,563,000 The district lies at 31-34' North latitude and 74-20' East longitude.


There are two main seasons, namely the winter and the summer. The monsoons are at their peak during July and August. October and November are the driest months and average rain fall during these months is about one third of an inch only. There are Winter rains during December - February, the average rainfall during these months being 3 inches.

Historical Architectures

The city as we know it today, reached its peak of glory during the Mughal rulers, especially in the reign of Akbar the Great. Akbar the Great built the Lahore Fort, as well as the city walls which had 12 gates.

The last great Moghul Emperor, Aurangzeb built Lahore's most famous monument, the great Lahore Fort and


Badshahi Mosque.


Allama Iqbal Campus, University of the Punjab



General Post Office (GPO)


High Court























Government College University Lahore



Kinnaired College for Woman


Aitcheson College

Lahore College for Women University















University of the Punjab













There is a network of metalled roads in the district. It is connected with the capital of Pakistan and other major cities through the M2 Motroway link. The Lahore Railway station is one of the oldest station in the country, and serves as the main connecting point for rail services to many cities and routes.

  • There is an International Airport in the cantonment area, P.I.A. and other international airlines have routes to all major destinations of the world. Lahore airport is one of the busiest airport of the country after Karachi international terminal. A newly built international terminal, Allama Iqbal International Terminal, helps in the locomotion of passengers to other countries. It greatly facilitate and improves the air transits to and from the Lahore city.